From Miro to Warhol


It's not the big blockbuster exhibition going on in Paris right now, but "From Miro to Warhol" at the Musée du Luxembourg is a winner. It features 75 paintings from the wide-ranging collection of Portugese billionaire José Barardo, including of course Miro and Warhol and also Arp, Lichtenstein, Mondrian and Pollock. Like most exhibits at this great little museum, it's of very high quality and quite manageable from a time standpoint. Rather than leaving me exhausted and overwhelmed, It left me wanting see more and reminded me of the collection of the Thyssen-Bornemisza family which I had just seen in Madrid. The exhibition runs through February 22, 2009. Don't miss it. And no, I'm not a paid agent of the Luxembourg Museum -- just a big fan.