Bustling Bordeaux


Many people go to the Bordeaux region to visit the wine country or the nearby Dordogne, but the city of Bordeaux itself is well worth a visit. It's been significantly transformed in recent years -- a formerly dilapidated waterfront has been turned into a promenade, a sleek new new rail transit system has gone into operation (much of the central city has been closed to automobile traffic), and the major buildings have all been cleaned up to reveal large-scale architecture that in many ways resembles that of Paris. It's a bustling, youthful city with chic retail stores and busy cafes and restaurants (restaurant tip: La Tupina). I was there with two people who had been there as college students 15 years ago, and they couldn't believe the changes. As I say, well worth a visit, and work in a day trip to St.-Emilion or one of the other charming wine region villages while you're at it.

by Alex M