One of the great little museums in Paris has closed, and there's uncertainty about when and if it will reopen. The popular Musée du Luxembourg on rue de Vaugirard closed January 17 because of a dispute between the French Senate, which controls the museum, and the private company which has been hosting the exhibitions for the past 10 years. Shows that were slated for the remainder of 2010, including one on Impressionism, have been cancelled. The closure is a huge disappointment to people who enjoy the high-quality, intimate exhibitions this venerable Luxembourg Gardens museum is known for. In just the last few years, for example, more than 5 million visitors have enjoyed seeing the works of Modigliani, Botticelli, Vlaminck, the Berardo collection ("From Miro to Warhol") and many, many more. There's talk that the museum might reopen next year. Let's hope.