Name game


As you wander Paris's many shopping districts, from Cherche Midi or rue de Grenelle on the left bank to rue St. Honoré or the streets of the Marais on the right bank, you can't help but be struck by the clever wordplay -- some in French, much of it in English -- of the store names.  A short list of examples: "Voyeurs" (eyewear), "Lundi Bleu" (fashion), "La Cerise sur le Chapeau" (stylish hats), "Stock Option" (a discount store), "Traffic Jam" (trendy fashion) and "En Attendant les Barbares" (fashion and accessories). My favorite of the moment, though, is "Mona Lisait", a bookstore (what else?) in the Marais. The next time you go shopping in Paris, just fix your eyes (and your camera) on the names over the doors.