I first encountered Henri Matisse's grave quite by accident ten years ago while wandering around a small cemetery not far from the Musée Matisse in Cimiez, a hilltop neighborhood in Nice. This year I made a special trip to pay my respects. Matisse is buried under an olive tree with his longtime wife Amélie Matisse-Parayre, who posed for some of his best-known works including "Woman with the Hat" and died four years after he did. They lie together despite the fact that she left him late in life in part over his close relationship with the much younger Lydia Delectorskaya, Matisse's assistant, muse, favorite model and caregiver in his final years. It is said that Henri and Amélie ultimately made peace. They are at peace now in this lovely spot high on a hill above the city where Matisse spent the last 35 years of his brilliant life.

by Alex M