This is Paris?

Indeed it is. This American-style diner on rue des Écoles in the 5th arrondissement -- appropriately named Breakfast in America -- is especially popular with (wouldn't you know it) French students from the nearby Sorbonne. It's also popular with visitors from across the pond when they need to satisfy the occasional craving for starting their day with something other than croissants. The menu is just what you'd expect: eggs, bacon, sausage, toast, pancakes, hamburgers, club sandwiches, chili, milk shakes and the ever-popular bottomless pot of coffee, among other things. And, yes, everything tastes pretty good. It seems to be more than a novelty -- the diner was opened over ten years ago by some Americans connected to the film industry in Los Angeles, and they've subsequently opened a second one in the Marais. The waitresses don't have beehive hairdos or call you "hon," but otherwise you'd be hard-pressed to know you're in Paris.